About Us

We started the Bed & Breakfast "La Maison Forestière" in Niederbronn les Bains in 2022 after months of work for the new house because our idea was to give a unique and familiar vacation possibilities here in our thermal city.

That’s why we decided to go to Niederbronn les Bains: With the birth of our two boys we wanted to give them a home in a more natural environment.
Our city was the best choice to combine nature and a sustainable lifestyle. The house itself provides rooms in different sizes and shapes. We applied the mountain scenery into our color coding of the rooms.

Along the way, we had some trouble with the renovation because our house is nearly 150 years old. Such an old house requires a lot of attention e.g. struggle with the electricity, water and the interior design. Together with our decorator we finally made it. 

We want to be better than a hotel in several ways: You are not only a guest for us. Since you are living with us, you will be part of our family. 
The rooms provide the two things we admire the most, comfort and style. The beds are high standards as well the interior. 

Sarah and Thomas are a french-german couple with two kids and a guard dog named Aslan in Niederbronn les Bains.
We are a sustainable family, this means, that green thinking is important: less garbage, recycling and the focus of regional and seasonal food.